The Importance of Avoiding Plagiarism in Admission Essays.

The Dangers of Plagiarizing Admission Essays

High school students have to contend with writing many essays throughout their time at that education level. These assignments represent the bulk of tasks that scholars have to work. As such, many students want to find ways of cutting corners when they are developing their essays. The copying and pasting feature in computers makes plagiarism a simple option to take.

Academic fraud—stealing content from literature without adequately attributing the authors’ effort—is rampant in schools. Students taking the easy road of merely compiling various sources without giving credit to the composers may not always get caught. Although most schools employ software that finds similarities in text, some scholars have found ways of beating the system.

Unfortunately, students who fly under the radar when they commit plagiarism gain confidence in their so-called paraphrasing skills. Institutions of higher learning often invest in more specialized tools for checking plagiarism. Students at this level are on a tight leash when it comes to borrowing content from other authors. Instead, they painstakingly cite each source they come across.

Consequently, high school students should focus on coming up with an original admission essay. This task may seem daunting to applicants experiencing a writer’s block as they work on their paper. This article provides you with useful tips you can use to avoid plagiarism in your submission.

Work on Your Paraphrasing Skills

You may have come across a brilliantly written admission essay while you are doing your research. Of course, it could be tempting to just lift the content—word for word—and use it in your piece. However, remember that the tools colleges use for finding plagiarized content are capable of sifting through an incredible amount of literature from the internet. Eventually, it will find similarities in your text.

Avoiding the apparent trap of merely copying and pasting involves expert paraphrasing skills. For starters, you need to ensure that you have understood the arguments put forward by the literature you are going through. Grasping the intention of the authors can help you to put their points in your own words.

Draw Inspiration from Your Personal Experiences

It is not uncommon to experience a writer’s block when you are writing an open-ended essay. The admission essay prompt may not give you much direction for approaching the task. As such, many students opt to plagiarize literature they find fitting.

Your personal experiences in academia and life outside school offer a rich source of ideas for your admission essay. Take the time to reflect on your decisions, challenges, motivations, and aspirations. After all, your experiences are unique to you.

Try to avoid plagiarism at all costs! You may risk jeopardizing your chances of gaining admittance into the school of your dreams by committing academic fraud. These learning institutions do not take kindly to perpetrators as plagiarism is a trend they are struggling to curb. Thus, showcase your knack for honesty by submitting an original admission essay.

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