How to make a criminology thesis

Help for final degree work or final master’s work

This is the moment to put an end to your master’s degree. Think you have achieved it: you have reached the end of your Criminology master’s degree! And now it’s time to apply all the knowledge you’ve learned in a job that you can defend before a jury. Do you find yourself in this situation? Do not worry: we are going to tell you how to spend the drink of a essays / thesis of criminology without dying in the attempt.

Choose a theme

The choice of an attractive and interesting topic is fundamental, think that you are going to dedicate many hours to this work. The theme of your thesis should be passionate, the choice of an attractive theme will motivate you when doing the work and an interesting topic will call the attention of your tutor.

Are you hesitating, do you stop thinking and search between books to get an interesting topic? That idea will finally appear in your head, do not fear. All these years in the university bear fruit and you are able to find a good theme for your essays / thesis. Do not forget that you also have the help of your tutor to guide you if you do not just have it clear.


Avoid any topic that has been worked in excess, It is preferable to choose a very specific issue avoiding any type of macro-question. It seeks, above all, to tell something innovative and solve specific questions.

Remember, also, that your essays / thesis will be an essential part of your presentation to companies and to the future. It can help you in your professional career, so it is not a bad idea to orient it towards the needs of an organization. It will serve both to show how necessary you are in a company and to show your skills and interests. Yes, the easiest thing is to keep a simple essays / thesis theme, but really a job well done with dedication will give you the option to get a good grade.


If it is a bibliographic or research work, it must have a minimum length of around 30 pages, it is the minimum standard set by the university guides. The structure in a essays / thesis is fundamental to develop quality work. The structure must have concise points:

  • Cover page
  • Summary
  • Introduction
  • Justification and feasibility
  •  Goals
  • Methodology
  •  Developing
  • Conclusions
  • Appendices and Appendices
  • Bibliography

Help with your essays / thesis

If you are blocked or do not have enough time to do a job and you need help with your essays / thesis, do not hesitate and contact us. From the first moment our team of experts will advise you for the choice of the theme of your criminology thesis. Do not be afraid when asking for help. Tell us the necessary pages, give us the support material and let us give you a cable to work on and improve your criminology thesis.