Do All Colleges Require Admission Essays?

The Importance of Admission Essays in College Applications

Gaining access to the college that you desire hinges significantly on your academic merit. As such, many desirable schools are moving away from requiring applicants to submit admission essays. This move could offer more opportunities to students while easing the workload of admitting committees. Nevertheless, you need to make the following considerations.

Are Admission Essays Mandatory for All Colleges?

Colleges often publicize requirements for those applying to follow. Hence, you must check if the school you are eyeing deems admission essays mandatory. However, some learning institutions may request applicants who do not meet specific academic standards to send in such a paper. Thus, you should find out if you are within the bracket that the admissions board is looking for.

If the school you want to go to does not ask for admission essays, it is best to save time and forgo this task. Nevertheless, the learning centers that make this requirement optional rely on these submissions to be tiebreakers if they cannot decide between two students with similar academic qualifications and aptitude. Hence, ensure that you send in your admission essay if you have the option.

Steps to Take if You Do Not Need to Submit an Admission Essay

In case you are not required to send in an admission essay, you can still showcase your writing skills. You can improve your composition skills and ensure that your efforts are reflected in the grades you earn in English and literature. Schools that do not insist on admission essays tend to focus more on the applicants’ academic prowess to award them with positions.

Some learning institutions substitute the need for an admission essay with recommendations. These documents act as personal statements written by authoritative figures in your life. Thus, find out who the school wants to hear from in your application. It could be a teacher or someone you have worked with on a project. These write-ups fill in the gaps of elaborating on your character.

If the college you want to join does not require an admission essay, you should turn your attention to your academics and co-curricular activities. Expanding your resume involves including any educational and personal achievements you have garnered. Also, ensure that you do not commit the mistake of sending in a generic document that does little to sway the admitting committee to consider your application.

Some schools leave the application process open-ended. Thus, you can take the opportunity to attach a portfolio that elaborates on your skillset. Such submission may provide the admitting board with a snippet of your talents and interests. Consequently, the committee might offer you the opportunity to join the school if you are sufficiently motivated to pursue the course you are applying for.

Although your academics are essential, you need to broaden your horizon as a student. Use your time in high school to learn new skills and engage in different activities. After all, expanding your aptitude may tip the scales in your favor.

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