A Perfect Guide On How To Write An Argument Essay Step By Step

How to Compose an Argument Essay Entirely In Simple Steps

The primary purpose of an argumentative essay is to present credible evidence to support an idea. It requires extensive research to come up with a convincing stance. Even though you have to take sides, you must also acknowledge other points of view and form a discussion on why you have developed a particular standpoint logically. The critical thrust of an argumentative essay is that the data you present must be supported by facts and pieces of evidence.

How to Approach an Argument Essay

There are different avenues you can use to draft your essay. The first, which is commonly used, is the classical approach. Its layout encompasses the introduction, thesis statement, arguments, refutation, and a conclusion.

The second is the Rogerian approach, where you can recognize and be sympathetic with both sides of the argument, but you favor one. It does not have a particular layout because it is a form of providing information.

Another fundamental approach is the Toulmin approach that seeks to find common ground in an argument and eliminates redundant urgings. It is vital to know how to complete a perfect argument essay after identifying with the different approaches.

Steps to Compose a Winning Argument Essay

Like any other writing, you need to know where to start to ensure you stick to the writing purpose. The steps are simple and forthright.

  1. Selecting a topic

You will still need an appropriate topic regardless of the approach you choose. A topic is vital because it determines the enthusiasm with which you write your essay. A good topic for such an essay should be that which could be strongly argued against or for. Select a topic that you already know something about if you have not been given a topic because it will provide you with an easy time writing your piece.

  1. Research

Find relevant sources with credible information from experts. You can consider documentaries, blogs, articles, or books to develop, in your opinion. You have to read extensively to find common issues that re-argued over the topic. It helps to note the essential and pressing issues in that area because they make your argument strong. Besides, ensure that you consider unique angles of presenting your arguments.

  1. Creating an outline

A good outline will be beneficial in the writing process. It helps you to stay focused on the topic because you have all the information you need. Your work will be to fill in if you take the time to create an ideal one. A good outline could include the introduction, thesis, supporting paragraphs, counter argument, and conclusion. There should be a good transition between each part and link to the thesis.

  1. Composing the essay

After you have developed a clear outline, start writing your essay. Provide the information you gathered through research to make logical reasoning. Ensure that each section sticks to its mandate. The introduction must lay the foundation of the essay with a thesis, body paragraphs to provide sound arguments and a counter-argument, and conclude aptly with a call to action.

The last part is editing. After you have finished writing, take a break before you proofread your work. Ensure you confirm your reports against the instructions and read through to correct the mistake you might have committed.

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